For a year and a half, I worked as a senior UX designer at Embark Studios, a Stockholm-based videogames developer founded by ex-DICE/EA (of Battlefield and Mirror's Edge fame among others) employees.

At Embark, I worked on its in-progress "Creative Playground" project. It’s focused on user-created content and enabling players to build their own worlds and interactive experiences. You can read more about it here.

Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Setting the pillars that will inform current and future development to make sure the team stays aligned on our core user facing values, also aligned with the product owners' vision.
  • Facilitating tools to the team so they can make informed decisions in their daily work that were aligned with our pillars.
  • Creating prototypes, user flows and other materials that served as explorations of cross-platform (touch, gamepad, desktop) interaction models for our software engineers to then implement them in our homegrown game engine.
  • Syncing with people across every area of our project (producers, game designers, software engineers, technical designers, artists, machine learning engineers...) to make progress on all kinds of UX related challenges.
  • Creating 3D models and 2D assets for our UI.
  • Creating branding/internal PR/corporate identity materials, given my graphic design background.

latest work