art direction, code, screen

Fightcade is a package consisting of frontend + backend + custom Final Burn Alpha emulator build with GGPO support, all wrapped in an electron app that enables people to play retro videogames competitively, hang out in chat rooms, and spectate other games. We built the frontend and backend from scratch in Nodejs and are currently running a closed beta, nearing 3000 players in our official Discord server.

The design is influenced by the 90s, amusement arcades, and neon. I did everything related to the branding + the app’s UI/UX, and design implementation in Vuejs.

Everything shown here is an unfinished, in progress work. Just the basic stuff needed to launch the beta! Still a lot of work and design iterations to do.

The Fightcade team: Jordi Ros, Pau Oliva, César Botana, Jorge Fuentes.


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