The citizens of Creepville are restless, can you spot them all? There were only ten days left for 2018’s Halloween and I thought, why not make a Halloween webVR experience for kids with A-Frame to celebrate? It’s compatible with pretty much every VR headset available since it’s gaze-based, and specially optimized to run on standalone devices like Oculus Go and Gear VR. My good old friend Julio Iglesias (not the singer!) helped with the graphics, optimizing many of the Creative Commons assets we used, and hand-painting pretty much every texture.

HalloVReen was featured as a highlighted VR experience in Firefox Reality and the Oculus browser, which obviously made me super happy!

I also wrote an article explaining how to make a webVR experience for kids with halloVReen as the basis, and the source code is available in GitHub.

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